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Erotic Story Time: Almost Home, Honey

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Tantric Candy is here to bring the benefits of Tantric Sex to YOU! And what better way than to plunge head first into a Deliciously Juicy Erotic Story. Today – just for you – a small taste of what tantric sex can (also) be like…

Almost home, Honey

It is getting late and I am waiting for my boyfriend to get home. Watching some TV, zapping through the channels, tonight I feel irresistibly drawn to the erotic movies on offer. A woman dressed in lace lingerie is being licked between her legs. Her underwear pushed to one side, her shaved pussy exposed, some guy is licking her – all the way from her ass up to her clit, flicking over the clit and back again. I can feel energy starting to build up between my own legs as well as I imagine myself being her. His lips sucking on the luscious lips between her legs – my hand moving down in between my own legs. His tongue going in and out of her pussy, deeper and deeper with every thrust… her moans echoing through the room. The energy building up so fast now between my legs – I have to stop watching. I can feel a surge of energy approaching – a familiar warning sign telling me that I will go over the edge into a peak orgasm if I don’t stop. Although that is nice too – I know that taking it slow will be so much better…

While I relax my bodily base, I zap to another channel and distract myself by watching a nature documentary on wildlife on the Savannah instead. It does not take long, however, before I find myself back on the porn channel again. A sturdy wooden table in the middle of an empty room. A naked woman lying on her back on the flat surface. Her hands have been tied together with black rope and brought up above her head with the rope fastened to the legs of the table. Back arched, breasts pushing upwards. Her feet are on the table, her knees up in the air, her legs spread wide apart. More rope going from each ankle to the nearest table leg – preventing her from closing her legs.

Two women are playing with the woman on the table: dripping honey on her lips and licking it off. Dripping honey on her hard nipples, circling with their fingers around them, making them even harder; licking and biting them, just a bit of pain mixed in with the pleasure. I watch them drip honey between the woman’s legs, stroking her and spreading the sticky, sweet liquid all over her. Finally entering her with their fingers. She is moaning and squirming in delight. All tied up, unable to get away, forced to endure the ecstasy ripping through her body.

By now I am touching myself as well – grabbing my breasts and circling the tips of my fingers around my hard nipples. I stroke myself between the legs, I am already wet and I slide in one finger, then two, then three; gently massaging my g-spot, feeling it filling up with liquid, getting hornier and hornier. My undulating hips moving back and forth to meet my thrusting fingers…

I hear the familiar chime of a text message arriving and I pick up my phone. It is a message from my boyfriend – short, concise and to the point as usual: Almost home, honey. 10 more min.

Only ten more minutes before I get to feel his cock inside my pussy! The thought makes me even hornier than was before. I reply to his message: I’ll be waiting for you in the bedroom.

Upstairs, I dim the lights in our sleeping room and start undressing. My hands follow the curves of my body as I take off my clothes, one item at a time. My hands rummage through my drawer with lingerie… What would he like? Perhaps that red, strappy Brazilian open-crotch string? Or would he prefer it if I wore only stockings? I grab a pair of black, lace top stay-up stockings and roll them up my legs. Stepping into a pair of black high stilettos, I then turn to the mirror. I like what I see… and I am pretty sure he will too…

A few more minutes… I lie down on the bed while I wait. My hands stroking my breasts; my fingers occasionally brushing against my nipples. They want more, but they will have to wait. My hands wander down my belly, to the insides of my thighs, stroking the smooth skin between my legs, up and down and up again. Feeling the juicy wetness spreading from inside.

I hear the sound of door opening and closing downstairs. Turning around, Positioning myself on the bed on my hands and knees with my back towards the door. My back is arched; my ass is up in the air. I am wet and horny, ready to be entered. Footsteps coming up the stairs… and into the bedroom. I wait. I can feel his eyes on my body, taking in the stockings, my stilettos – zooming in between my legs. I hear the sound of his zipper as he opens his jeans. The thought of what is coming makes me even wetter.

His hands grab my ass, holding onto my hips and he effortlessly slides his big, erect cock into the dark slippery hole between my legs. His cock going in and out, opening me up more and more, sliding over my g-spot again and again. Changing the angle, he begins to massage my cervix with the tip of his cock. Neither a single look, nor a single word exchanged. The only sound is the juicy squirting sound of my pussy begging for more cock.

Without warning, he pulls out. Strong hands grab me by the waist and flip me over on my back. With a firm grip of my ankles, he spreads my legs wide open, thrusts his cock inside and continues to fuck me. In and out, in and out, again and again and again and again. Mmh – Mmmmmh – Aaah… My breathing becomes heavier and heavier. Oh fuck… That feels so good! I feel every stroke as he slides against the insides of my vagina. I feel him glide over my g-spot. I feel him pound against the opening of my womb. The only sound is my heavy breathing. I touch my breasts and the pleasure between my legs becomes more and more intense, increasing by every thrust. He goes on and on and on, fucking me, penetrating me, taking me for an hour; I am pussy and tits and nothing else. He slows down, pulls out, and says it is late and time for me to start sleeping now.

I go to the bathroom and wash myself – taking my time, enjoying the feeling of warm water streaming down between my legs. While I brush my teeth, I look at the woman in the mirror – she looks back at me with the softest look in her eyes. I put on my soft and stretchy pyjamas, turn off all the lights and get back in bed. My man is still lying there next to me.

Pulling my blanket over me, I turn towards my boyfriend and wait for my goodnight kiss in the darkness. But instead, I feel the weight of his body on top of me. Strong hands grab a hold of the fabric of my shirt in the neck and pull it down, exposing my breasts to the darkness. A hungry mouth licks my breasts, searching for my nipples and finding them. Sucking them hard. My body still so open from before that I become instantly aroused again and I feel a surge of horniness shooting from my nipples in between my legs.

“Ooh – Oooh – Mmmmmh…”, I moan, “More, more…suck them more…Yes! Harder… harder!” The pleasure intensifies. Oh God, I am so ready for more. I want him inside me again – right now! I push myself up against him, rub myself against his leg, “C’mon babe – give me more…” But he waits, and continues to play with my breasts in the dark, teasing me, while I continue to beg him, “Please, please, come inside me, please, touch my pussy, please…”

He puts his hand down the front of my pants and shoves his hand inside my underpants. The stretched out rubber band of the waist is pulling hard in the back as he exposes my pussy and grabs it. His fingers now playing with my pussy on the outside – stroking me, rubbing me, teasing me… until I nearly go mad with desire for more. “Ah – Aahh – Aaaah… Oh, please, you have to come inside, please…”

At last, he enters me with his fingers again. Rubbing my g-spot with exquisite precision. Wetness seeping out. Holding me on the edge for ages. Then stroking every corner of the inside of my pussy. Moving on to my cervix. Massaging me in an irresistible rhythm. Penetrating me. Fucking me through his fingers with every ounce of presence he has.

“Oh, fuck, it is too much… Oh God… That’s so horny, so fucking horny…”, I moan. “Oooooh Oooh, fuck me, fuck me.” I hear myself repeating this mantra over and over again, “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me…Oh yes, fuck me, fuck me.” And he stops and continues and stops and continues…Building up closer and closer to the point of no return. Keeping me on that delicious edge for ever and ever – my body undulating on the bed, that ball of fire growing and growing in my pussy, in my womb…

He suddenly pulls his fingers out and stops…

… but my body does not.

Instead – an explosion of energy surges through my entire body.

Jolts of energy. Intense pleasure.

My body moving on its own accord.

My head swirling, my mind all confused.

Good God, what’s going on?

My body thrashing on the bed.

Wave upon wave ripping me apart.

I cannot control it.

I cannot think.

I am one big feeling.

No control.

Pure bliss.


Did you enjoy this scrumptious story with a Spicy Bite heat rating (2 out of 5)? How was the Heat Level for you? Too hot to handle or not hot enough? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below! The Heat Levels of Tantric Candy Erotic Stories range from 0 (tantric tools) and 1 (juicy sizzle) to 5 (intense melt). Have a look in our Book Gallery to find the Heat Level that is a perfect match for your desires!

XXX, Charlene

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