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Free To Play

The Exchange Student Book 1

Charlene Black

She's Free To Play - Are You?

Helena Ekberg, a 21-year-old exchange student from Sweden, will spend the academic year in the pulsating city of London. There she meets the handsome and charismatic tantric practitioner Daniel Langston and his friends. Immersed into a foreign culture, she is now also introduced to a foreign sexual world, where nothing is what it seems – and where she will be pushed to her utmost limits. As the stakes get higher, Helena will need to look deep into her heart for answers. Will her heart find what it yearns for?

Free to Play, Charlene Black’s first full-length novel, dives headfirst into the secretive, esoteric, and often perplexing world of tantric Crazy Wisdom. Packed with an exuberant amount of explicit ecstatic sex, this erotic novel will entertain you with a good storyline and arouse all your senses at the same time. 

This scorching hot novel contains anything and everything from soft and sensual sex to extreme dominance bordering on the taboo and it comes with an Intense Melt Tantric Candy Heat rating (5 out of 5 – XXX stories, pushing the limits of what some deem acceptable). Special sexual interests include oral and anal sex, sex toys, straight sex, girl-on-girl sex, BDSM play, watching and being watched, threesomes, group sex, dubious consent, and off-the-charts-horny fuck talk. 

Are you a fan of explicit erotic fiction with a touch of romance and an imaginative storyline? Are you interested in tantra and conscious sex? Or are you looking for an intensely arousing read with lots of sex? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then this book is a must-read for you.

Free to Play is the first book in the Exchange Student series and it can be read as a stand-alone novel. This novel was first published in 2018 under the name of The Exchange Student. In this first edition of Free to Play a few minor alterations have been made to the original text. 

This book is a novel of approx. 64 000 words. 

Free To Play

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Tags: BDSM, Bisexual, Lesbian, Ménage or Group sex, Naughty & Playful, Straight up, Taboo; Alpha males, Anal sex, Dubious consent, Exhibitionism & Voyeurism, Lingerie & Costumes, Oral sex, Restraints, Sex talk, Sex toys, Striptease; Novel, Heat rating 5. 

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