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Free To Love

The Exchange Student Book 2

Charlene Black

She is ready to Love. Are you?

Helena Ekberg is back for her second semester as a university exchange student at Stonemoor College in London. No longer single – she now faces the challenges of being in a tantric relationship, spiced up with a fair dose of Crazy Wisdom. How will her new relationship fare when the normal, socially acceptable rules of relationships no longer apply? How open can she be? Can she learn to trust her man? And what happens when an old rival returns to the scene? 

Unlike any erotic book you have read before, Free to Love is a mind-blowing tantric erotic novel – packed with the best Conscious Sex has to offer and where ecstatic bodily experiences cross over into mystical and spiritual realms. This book offers you everything from multiple orgasms, g-spot, womb, heart and full body orgasms to explosive Satori- and no mind experiences – where the sky no longer is the limit.

This Explicit Romantic Erotic Novel contains anything and everything from sensual couples sex to outrageous orgies and it comes with an Explosive Blaze Tantric Candy Heat rating (4 out of 5). Special sexual interests include oral and anal sex, striptease, sexy lingerie, sex toys, solo and straight sex, bisexual, lesbian and gay encounters, threesomes, group sex, food play, exhibitionism, voyeurism and BDSM play.

Whether you are a tantric practitioner, explorer of open relationships or a fan of erotic books with a great storyline and lots of sex – this book will keep you reading and get your juices flowing over and over again.

Free to Love is the second book in The Exchange Student series and it can be read as a separate volume. However, in order to fully appreciate how the characters develop and transform – and if you do not want to know how the first book ends – we highly recommend you start with Free to Play, the first book in this series. 

This book is a novel of approx. 100 000 words.

Free To Love

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Tags: BDSM, Bisexual, Lesbian, Ménage or Group sex, Naughty & Playful, Straight up, Taboo; Alpha males, Anal sex, Dubious consent, Exhibitionism & Voyeurism, Lingerie & Costumes, Oral sex, Restraints, Sex talk, Sex toys, Striptease; Novel, Heat rating 5. 

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