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Charlene Black

Our Stories Are Tantric In Origin

Our tantric erotic stories are authentic, sensual and appealing to all your senses. We strive to ensure the highest quality of sexual energy in each and every story. We want you not only to read the story in your mind, but also to feel what is happening in the story in your own body – almost as if you are there yourself. Therefore, our stories are written exclusively by tantric practitioners.

Charlene Black

Charlene Black, erotica author and creator of Tantric Candy has been an active Tantric practitioner since 2012. She loves to write Spicy, Explicit Tantric Erotic Stories. Charlene’s stories invite you into the world of the senses. Her writing style helps you to slow down, take your time, taste, feel and listen to every word pulling you into a world of sensual erotic encounters. Charlene usually writes from the feminine perspective, appealing to the desire of the feminine in all of us to get carried away into surrender and ecstasy. Whatever your thing is – straight couples sex, bisexual or lesbian encounters, ménage or group sex – chances are she has written or is writing about it. She has a special fondness for beautiful clothes, lingerie, sex talk, bondage, watching and being watched. She is passionate about conscious sexuality and likes to bring in elements of transformation into her stories, the heat levels of which range from ‘inspiring to stretch your boundaries’ to the outrageously explicit.

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