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The Good Wife

A Collection of Erotic Short Stories

Charlene Black

A wealthy businessman and a wife supporting him with his life’s purpose – the marriage of John and Madelyn Hartfield would appear to be the very definition of convention. But things are not always what they seem… Who said sex must become boring just because you've been together for a long time? Join this couple on their sassy erotic adventures and find inspiration for your own relationship today.

The Good Wife is a collection of eight explicit tantric erotic short stories, with heat ratings ranging from a Juicy Sizzle (1/5) to Intense Melt (5/5) on the Tantric Candy heat scale. Be prepared for anything and everything from solo sex and vanilla sex between a husband and wife to juicy threesomes and scorching hot group sex. Also includes: fuck talk, oral & anal sex, striptease, sex toys, restraints and watching & being watched. The stories from The Good Wife are available as separate stories and as a box set. Enjoy all eight parts:

1. Take Me for a Ride 
2. Lunch With Benefits
3. Entertaining Myself 
4. While You Were Away 
5. Have You Been a Good Wife? 
6. Coconut Oil Delight 
7. Pick Me Up 
8. Stay for Dessert 

This is a novella-length book of approx. 21 500 words. 

The Good Wife

Tags; Bisexual, Couples, Ménage or Group Sex, Naughty & Playful, Romantic, Straight up, Taboo; Alpha Males, Anal Sex, Call Girls, Food, Lingerie & Costumes, Older woman + Younger man, Oral Sex, Restraints, Sex talk, Sex Toys, Striptease; Short Story Collection, Heat ratings 1-5.

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