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9 Reasons to Read Erotica and Tantric Erotic Stories

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Why Tantric Erotic Fiction is Good for You.

Do you like reading Sexy Erotic Stories?

Yes? No? – Why is that?

I remember a period in my early teens when I just could not get enough of romance novels. I must have read hundreds of them, starting off with the classic Harlequin pocket books my great aunt used to read, then devouring whatever I could find on the library shelves (which wasn’t nearly as much as I would have liked). As I grew older, I became more interested in books containing explicit erotic scenes. After I had read the stories, I used to re-read all the good bits night after night – until the books would fall open by itself on a very specific selection of pages…

To me, reading romance and erotica (to the extent they were available to me in those days before the Internet) was a great way to safely explore what my changing body and newly found sexuality had to offer: What was possible? What turned me on? What made me close down?

Then I realized that even now – when I am writing erotic fiction – erotica pretty much retains that same function: it is a great way to get in touch with my own body and to reconnect to my own sensuality.

This got me wondering – what does erotica mean to other people? What other benefits could reading sexy erotic stories have?

These days we do have the Internet, of course, so I decided to go trawling for answers and this is what I found:

9 Reasons to read erotica

1. Erotic fiction is stimulating and entertaining.

An erotic story is a sexy adventure. Whether we are talking about slow and sensuous exploration or a wild rollercoaster ride, a good erotic story will keep your attention and keep your senses excited from start to finish.

2. Erotic stories allow you to escape for a moment

We’re told we need to live in the moment. The good, the bad and the ugly… we should savour it – or at the very least accept it and fully feel it all. Yeah. Well, guess what – sometimes I just don’t want to feel all the bad stuff. Sometimes I just don’t want to have to deal with everything right now. And I’m betting neither do you. Sometimes, it’s fine to check out for a bit – no stress, no job, no kids, no mother-in-law – for a bit of relaxing & recharging ‘me-time’.

3. Erotica makes you feel good.

Feeling a bit down? A good story can do wonders to lift your spirits. While some fiction can bring us into the realms of existential despair, erotic stories are like fairy tales for adults. The whole purpose of erotica is to make us feel good – both in our minds as well as in our bodies. More often than not, you can count on a happy ending – or at the very least ‘happy for now’. Although, in this context it might be handy to mention that when we talk about tantric erotica (as opposed to ‘standard erotica’), that happy ending can look a bit different than you might be accustomed to… (see: The Biggest Sex Secret on the Planet).

4. Sexy erotica helps you get in touch with your own body and life energy.

Good erotica will invite you into the world of the senses and help you slow down and get in touch with your own sensuality and sexuality. When you (re-)connect to your sexual centre, whether it is a womb and vagina or a cock and balls, you will feel more alive! And if you throw in a few tantric practices into the mix, you will have even more energy at your disposal.

5. Erotica allows you to explore your fantasies.

Sexual fantasies. Shrouded in a veil of taboo, guilt and shame; something that most people do not talk about. It is not uncommon to feel that our own fantasies are somehow odd, strange and different, perhaps even deviant or perverted? In essence sexual fantasies are nothing more and nothing less than a gateway into our subconscious mind. Erotic fiction can be a great way to explore your sexual fantasies and at its best it can pave the way for healing and transformation.

6. Sexy erotic stories can rekindle the spark in the bedroom.

Erotic stories can do wonders for your sex life. Use them as foreplay– to get into the mood. Use them as conversation starters– to discover what you and your partner really long for in the bedroom. Use them as inspiration– find out what else you might like, get fun ideas to spice up your sex life, learn new techniques… Most erotica writers will have done their research and you can benefit from that! When you read tantric erotica, you will have the added benefit of transmission of conscious sexuality, tantric principles and sexual energy through the words.

7. Written erotica speaks to your feminine emotional side.

In terms of energy the masculine in all of us craves vision, purpose and emptiness, while the feminine is looking to feel the flow of life in all its shapes and forms, including nature, music, food and emotions (see also: Sexual Essence and Polarity in Relationships). It is hardly surprising then that most men are quite visual when it comes to sex while women tend to get more turned on by emotional content and the ‘story’. Put bluntly, romance novels and erotica are for women what porn movies are for men. However, since we all have a masculine as well as a feminine side, whether you are a woman or a man, a good erotic novel will nurture your feminine emotional needs.

8. Erotic stories can help men navigate women’s sexuality.

Ask a woman if she knows how to approach and satisfy a man sexually and most women will have a pretty intuitive grasp how men work. To be honest, it’s really not that complicated. A bit of nipple, a nice round ass, your hand grabbing the root of his cock, your legs spread out in a wide-open invitation… With most guys that will get you pretty far. Now ask a man if he knows how women really want to be approached sexually and chances are he doesn’t have a clue. How could he? The feminine is like the weather – constantly changing and impossible to predict. Nonetheless, if you study weather patterns long enough, using the right tools, chances are that you might get close getting it right. So if you are a man, reading some good-quality erotica written by women can really help you gain some understanding of what goes on in the minds of women.

9. Discussing erotic fiction can be a way to bond with your girlfriends.

What did you think when he told her to…? Would you ever consider…? OMG – have you done that? How was it? You have to tell me all about it! Use sexy stories as conversation starters to bond with your friends. Anything is possible – from light-hearted naughty fun to deeper conversations about your sex and relationships. With openness, honesty and vulnerability, chances are that it will make your connection stronger.

What about you? Why do you read erotica? Let us know in the comments below!

XXX, Charlene

P.S. If you feel inspired, have a look in our Book Gallery to find high-quality tantric erotic stories.

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