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Best Striptease Songs 1: Top 15 Slow Sensuous Tease Tracks

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Tantric Candy’s 15 Best Slow Striptease Songs

Striptease is a great way to connect to your own sensuality, sexuality and different feminine flavours. Here are the Best Slow Striptease Songs in different musical styles to get you into the mood.

Ease into it…

Let the slow sensuous rhythms permeate your body…

Feel, how your body reacts and begins to move… your arms stretching out, your hips swaying…

Your hands exploring each arm, playing in your hair, caressing your neck and moving down your sides, along the curve of your back to your beautiful, luscious behind…

Then moving to the inside of your legs, up to your soft belly, caressing your breasts… as you slowly begin to undress…

1. Ecstasy by Peruquoi

This superb track is only available as an audio file. Click on the picture and choose ecstasy.

2. Surrender (Toronto Chilled Mix Edit) by Laura Pausini

3. Body Party by Ciara

4. Skin by Rihanna

5. Bring Me Home by Sade

6. Any Time, Any Place by Janet Jackson

7. Dreamsome by Shelby Lynne

8. You Wish by Nightmares on Wax

9. Music To Watch Boys To by Lana del Ray

10. Portishead by Glorybox

11. Dark Horse by Katy Perry

12. Cookie by R. Kelly

13. Toxic by Yael Naim

14. Lovesick by Banks

15. Work by Charlotte Day Wilson.

Remember – striptease doesn’t really have to be all that complicated. Especially when it comes to slow and sensuous music – if your intention is to seduce or show your radiance to your partner –  it is often more than enough to get dressed in some beautiful lingerie… lie down on the bed or on a soft carpet on the floor… let the music enter your body… and simply show your partner how much you enjoy moving, touching and feeling yourself.

Or if you want to bring your floor moves to the next level, why not try out something like this? (and in case you’re wondering: the great track from this clip is called Holding On by Ferry Corsten (featuring Shelley Harland)).

Take some time today to enjoy that delicious body of yours!

And if you have some other great Slow and Sensuous Striptease tracks that must be added to the list, I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

XXX, Charlene

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