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Why Stop Now?

On The Rebound: Story 5

Charlene Black

Drowning in her senses.

Emily, who is fresh out of a two-year relationship, is on an Interrail trip through Scandinavia with her best friend, the uninhibited Annabel. The girls are celebrating a beautiful late summer’s day by having a picnic on an island outside Helsinki. The kisses of the sun, the caress of the wind, black-headed gulls laughing in the sky… the perfect setting to engage in sensual tantric self love.

Why Stop Now? is the fifth story from On the Rebound: A Short Story Collection of Explicit Tantric Erotica. This is a scrumptious short story with a Juicy Sizzle (1 out of 5) Tantric Candy heat rating for those who like lush and sensuous masturbation outside in nature.  

Read this story and immerse yourself in the world of your senses today.
Why Stop Now? is a short story of approx. 2100 words.

You can pick & mix your favourite stories from the On the Rebound Explicit Erotica Collection or enjoy them all as a box set.

Why Stop Now

Tags: Naughty & Playful; Sex toys; Short Story, Heat rating 1. 

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