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Through The Lens

An Erotic Short Story

Charlene Black

Deep down, every girl longs to be fully seen and loved by Daddy.

Bikinis, bridal undergarments and sinful black lingerie.... A regular photo shoot in the tropics turns into something different altogether when the photographer starts to coach his model from behind the camera, inviting her to get in touch with her deepest desires. How far does he intend to take this – and how far is she willing to go?

Through the Lens is a tempting tantric short story with an Explosive Blaze (4 out of 5) Tantric Candy heat rating. Have you ever fantasized about being that innocent girl who wants to please Daddy more than anything? If so, then this story is the one for you! Sensuously delicious… and absolutely XXX-rated at the same time. 

Read this sensuous erotic story today and grant your own inner Baby Doll the thing she yearns for most.
Through the Lens is a short story of approx. 4600 words.

Through the Lens

Tags: Straight up, Taboo; Daddy role play, Exhibitionism & Voyeurism, Lingerie & Costumes, Sex talk, Striptease; Short Story, Heat rating 4.

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