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The pearl Necklace

An Erotic Short Story

Charlene Black

One promise – exquisite pleasure. One condition – obedience.

A mysterious parcel, containing an exquisite string of pearls, arrives in the mail. The next days a hand-written note with instructions follows. Intrigued, Amy decides to follow them. More instructions follow and before long Amy is pulled into a sensuous game of control and surrender. How far is she willing to go?

What woman does not want to be seduced by someone who knows her body and her desires more intimately than she knows them herself? The Pearl Necklace is a tasteful tantric short story with a Peppery Burn (3 out of 5) Tantric Candy heat rating. With delicious build-up of tension from the get-go, this story is guaranteed to get your sensual juices flowing.

Read this book and submit to sensuous surrender today.

The Pearl Necklace is a short story of approx. 3200 words. 

The Pearl Necklace was first published in 2017. This revised second edition was published in 2020.

The Pearl Necklace

Tags: BDSM, Romantic, Straight up; Anal Sex, Exhibitionism & Voyeurism, Oral sex, Restraints, Sex Toys; Short Story, Heat rating 4

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