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Take Me For A Ride

The Good Wife 1

Charlene Black

Naked skin and the scent of wet leather...

A wealthy businessman and a wife supporting him with his life’s purpose – the marriage of Mr and Mrs Hartfield would appear to be the very definition of convention. But things are not always what they seem… Madelyn and John are cruising down the highway on their way home from a wedding. With his hands on the steering wheel, John asks Madelyn to pull up her dress, so he can enjoy the view of her exquisite legs. She obeys, but the more she shows, the more he wants to see… How far will she go? 

Take Me for a Ride is the first story from The Good Wife: A Short Story Collection of Explicit Tantric Erotica. This is a scrumptious short story with a Spicy Bite (2 out of 5) Tantric Candy heat rating. If you like the game of watching and being watched and enjoy explicit sex with a sensual side, then this story is something for you.

Read this story and bring fresh inspiration into your relationship today.

Take Me for a Ride is a short story of approx. 2200 words.
Pick & mix your favourite stories from The Good Wife Erotic Short Story Collection or enjoy them all as a box set.

Take Me for a Ride

Tags: Couples, Romantic, Straight up; Exhibitionism & Voyeurism; Short Story, Heat rating 2.

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