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Smooth Tropical Afternoon

An Erotic Short Story

Charlene Black

Sun, Sea and Sex… What more do you want?

During the siesta of her husband, the wife decides to spend some time on the beach. A lazy afternoon in a hammock on a tropical island turns into a spicy threesome when a couple invites her to join them in the sensual sun. Her husband reaps the benefits of that sexy encounter when she returns. 

Have you ever been watching people on the beach, wondering what it would be like to have sex with them – right then and right there? Smooth Tropical Afternoon is a full-flavoured tantric short story with a Peppery Burn (3 out of 5) Tantric Candy heat rating that contains hot and explicit erotica with a deliciously naughty flavour.  

Read this tropical erotic fantasy and immerse yourself in the world of your senses today.

Smooth Tropical Afternoon is a short story of approx. 3400 words.

Smooth Tropical Afternoon

Tags: Bisexual, Couples Ménage or group sex; Anal Sex, Exhibitionism & Voyeurism, Oral sex; Short Story, Heat rating 3.

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