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On The Rebound: Story 2

Charlene Black

They meet again – and this time he wants more.

Emily, who is fresh out of a two-year relationship, is on an Interrail trip through Scandinavia with her best friend, the uninhibited Annabel. On the night ferry from Germany to Sweden, Annabel is the centre of attention of every man in the bar, while Emily finds refuge out on deck. There she meets an old acquaintance. How much will she show him this time around? 

Does the thought of sex in public places turn you on? Show Me More! is the second story from On the Rebound: A Short Story Collection of Explicit Tantric Erotica. This is a tasty short story with a Spicy Bite (2 out of 5) Tantric Candy heat rating for those who like a touch of exhibitionism and explicit sex with a romantic side.  

Read this story and allow yourself to be swept away today.
Show Me More! is a short story of approx. 3100 words. 

You can pick & mix your favourite stories from the On the Rebound Explicit Erotica Collection or enjoy them all as a box set.

Show Me More!

Tags: Romantic, Straight up; Exhibitionism & Voyeurism; Short Story, Heat rating 2.

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