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Logger's Wood

Seven Days: Day 2

Charlene Black

Could you resist? 

The Forest Lodge is a cosy inn in the wilderness owned by a husband and wife, who have a knack for making every guest feel special. On Tuesday, a logger, who has spent several weeks out in the woods – with nothing but other men to keep him company – books a room at the inn. The wife from the inn helps the logger relax in the steamy sauna and one thing leads to another. Then the husband comes in… 

Logger’s Wood is the second story from the Tantric Short Story Collection Seven Days. This juicy short story has a Peppery Burn Tantric Candy heat rating (3 out of 5) and it will treat you to a quick turn-on and plenty of hot and graphic sex.  

Read this steamy story and give in to your desires today.
Logger's Wood is a short story of approx. 2700 words.
You can Pick & mix your favourite stories from The Seven Days Short Story Collection or enjoy them all as a box set.

Logger's Wood

Tags: Couples, Ménage or group sex, Naughty & Playful, Straight up; Alpha males, Anal Sex, Oral sex; Short Story, Heat rating 3.

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