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Give In To Bliss

Charlene Black

It’s time for Complete Surrender


One morning – after having attended a lecture of a tantric teacher a few days earlier – she decides to go back to bed after breakfast and enjoy her own body. She has hardly begun to touch herself before completely new sensations begin to manifest in her body, taking her to places she had never even dreamed of before.


Give In To Bliss is a true story and an intimate account of Kundalini Awakening. The poem is based on the author’s personal experience of the spontaneous awakening of her own Kundalini energy. This poem is a tantric tool with a spiritual and transformational message.


Give In To Bliss is a poem of approx. 580 words. 

Give In To Bliss

An Erotic Poem About Kundalini Awakening

Tags: Poetry; Flash Fiction, Heat Rating 1.

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