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Delicious Side Dish

Charlene Black

Dinner parties will never be the same again…


Convinced that this diplomatic dinner party is going to be as dull of an affair as all the other ones, Angela tries to persuade her husband to go home instead. He just tells her to keep an open mind and make the best of it. The main course arrives… and this time the side dish served under the table is something different altogether… 


Have you even fantasized about all the naughty things that could be going on under the table at dinner parties? Not to mention what people may actually be doing when they say they just need to freshen up? Delicious Side Dish is a rich and delicious Tantric Short Story in the Peppery Burn heat category (3), containing plenty of explicit sex where almost anything goes…


Get this short story and get inspired to spice up your sex life today! 


Delicious Side Dish is a Short Story of approx. 2200 words.

Delicious Side Dish

An Erotic Short Story

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Tags: Couples, Ménage or group sex, Naughty & Playful; Oral sex, Sex talk; Short Story, Heat rating 3.

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